11 cool 3D prints for the summer

Fuzzy watch band

As summer heats up, it’s the perfect time to get creative with your 3D printer. Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden, make travel more convenient, or just have some fun, these 3D prints have got you covered. Here are eleven exciting projects to try out this summer.😎
Are you on the other side of the globe and just getting into the freezing winter?🥶❄️ Heat your printer up, you will also find some good ideas here😉👇

1. Bird bottle feeder

Attract beautiful birds to your garden with this simple and functional bird feeder.

Birds feeder
Bird bottle feeder by Gazorpa

2. Printable sprinkler

Keep your lawn lush and green with a custom-made sprinkler that’s both efficient and easy to print.

Printable sprinkler
Printable sprinkler by WildRoseBuilds

3. Wasp trap

Enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of pesky wasps with this simple yet effective trap.

Wasp trap
Wasp trap by WildRoseBuilds

4. Mini container

Store your small essentials securely in these handy, pill-style containers – perfect for travel or everyday use.

Mini container
Mini container by Dani C

5. Hexagon shelves with LED & cable management system

Brighten up your home with stylish, customizable hexagon shelves that include built-in cable management.

Hexagon shelves
Hexagon shelves by Webbez

6. Travel Catan

Bring the classic game of Catan on the go with this compact travel edition – perfect for vacation fun.

Travel Catan
Travel Catan by BigBadBison

7. Travel bathroom box

Keep your toiletries organized and easily accessible with this convenient travel bathroom box.

Travel bathroom box
Travel bathroom box by svetlov

8. Tic-Tac-Toe game – traveling edition

Enjoy this timeless game wherever you are with a portable, travel-friendly version.

Tic-Tac-Toe game
Tic-Tac-Toe game by MiseryBot

9. 3D printed sandals

Step out in style with custom 3D-printed sandals that are as comfortable as they are unique.

3D printed sandals
3D printed sandals by Recreus

10. Juice cocktail stirrers

Add a touch of fun to your summer beverages with these quirky and colorful juice cocktail stirrers.

Juice cocktail stirrers
Juicy cocktail stirrers by faberdasher

11. Fuzzy watch band

This stylish, elastic 3D-printed watch band is a perfect accessory for a vibrant summer. It’s easy to print and its unique design will spice up any outfit. 

Fuzzy watch band
Fuzzy watch band by Recreus

Happy printing!✌️

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