“3D printing shall be simple and accessible to everyone.”

3D printing is everything we love

It’s fun, creative, and the potential is enormous. 3D printing can be a joy for children and grownups, and we hope many new small businesses will grow on top of 3D printing. We also believe 3D printing is one solution to decrease CO2 emissions and prevent climate changes.

It shouldn’t matter which printer you own

There are many slicers out there. However, they are primarily created to support only a few printers, and they are also complicated to install and use.

We wanted to create a slicer you can use no matter which printer you own. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer operating on a PC, a designer creating on Mac, or preparing the 3D model on your phone while commuting by train.

Meet the REALvisionOnline team

REALvisionOnline is a tool created by the danish 3D print technology provider Create it REAL. Our mission is to speed up the adoption of 3D print and enable more people to use it.

We hope you like our online slicer. Please send your feedback to [email protected]